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Next week and a mixtape 

We've got two full band shows next week. We'll be at the Middle East Café in Cambridge on Wednesday night. We're on at 9:15. We're then headed to New York to play The Outlaw Roadshow which is being held at The Bowery Electric. We're playing on Saturday night (October 22nd) there at 10 p.m. If you'd like to attend the show, you can RSVP to attend the FREE 3 day show!  Get on the list to gain priority access:

In addition to playing the Outlaw Roadshow, they also just released a mix-tape through Noise Trade which features my song "On My Own. You can stream the mixtape (or download it) at this link 


Country 102.5 FM's Catch of the Week 

Thanks to DJ Carolyn Kruser and Country 102.5 FM WKLB-FM for choosing me as their Local Catch of the Week. While I'm obviously not a country musician, I certainly have country music influences and there are a few tracks from the album that are country-tinged. You can read the interview I did with them here I'll be calling into Carolyn's show at 12:30 today (Thursday, October 6th) and she'll be playing a track from the album. You can listen live on their website or the old-fashioned way (if you're in the Boston area) of using your radio at 102.5 FM. 

October and beyond 

September was a very busy month. We've got a few weeks off and then are back at it. On October 19th we'll be playing the Middle East Café along with Eleanor Elektra and Mug. We'll also be heading back to NYC (this time as a full-band) to play The Bowery Electric as part of The Outlaw Roadshow. That show will take place on Saturday, October 22nd and is free. 

In November, we'll return to Atwoods Tavern in Cambridge an be joined by the excellent Carissa Johnson on Sunday, November 6th.


Midway this weekend 

We had a great time as part of the Outlaw Roadshow down in Nashville, TN. We made some new friends and really enjoyed our time down there. We've been playing all over the place in recent weeks and the final show of September will be at the Midway Cafe in Jamaica Plain. We're on at 10:15 and are part of a great bill with Rick Berlin, Steve Walther and What Time Is It Mr. Fox. This show is 21+. The Midway is on Washington Street in J.P. right by Doyle's restaurant. We don't have another weekend show in the greater Boston area planned for a while so we hope you can join us.


The Outlaw Roadshow - Nashville 

The full band is headed to Nashville to take part of The Outlaw Roadshow. The festival will be taking place between Thursday and Saturday (Sept. 15th - 17th) and we're playing on Saturday night. Shows are being held at both the Mercy Lounge and Hi Watt (which are part of the same building). We still don't have set time or which room we're playing but will update that soon. This should be a blast. For more info visit

Show this week 

This week I'll be at the Narrow Center for the Arts in Fall River on Thursday night and the Boston Arts Festival on Saturday afternoon which is taking place  in Columbus Park in Boston. Also, if you'd like to help me spread the word about shows and more, please join my mailing list by clicking the link on the side of the page. Thanks!


Busy September 

Had a fun week doing two very different shows. Thanks so much to the folks at Improv Boston in Cambridge for having me as their guest tonight. It was a very fun and funny night and I really enjoyed it. It was definitely different than anything that I had done on a stage before. Check them out at Also thanks to Brewster Productions of having me as part of the Acoustic Nights Music Series on the Plymouth Waterfront. It was a beautiful spot to play a gig. 

This week I'll be at the Narrow Center for the Arts in Fall River on Thursday night and the Boston Arts Festival which is in Columbus Park in Boston. 


The latest 

I should have a pretty awesome announcement regarding a show that we'll be playing in September soon. Just waiting on some final details of it. In the meantime, I have a boatload of shows coming up in September. Next Thursday (September 1st), I'll be taking part in the Improv Boston MainStage Spotlight Series in Cambridge. This really isn't a show as much as me presumably making a complete fool out of myself. I will perform a song, do a Q&A and possibly act in a skit. Again, this probably won't go well but more info can be found at

On September 3rd, I'll be playing an acoustic show outdoors at the Plymouth, MA waterfront as part of Brewster Productions' Acoustic Nights Summer Series. For more information, visit

On September 8th, I'll be playing a short solo set at Narrows Center for the Arts in Fall River which is a beautiful venue on the South Coast.

On September 10th, we'll be doing the full band thing at the Boston Arts Festival which is taking place at Columbus Park in the North End. That should be an awesome show. The festival runs from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. I don't have a set time yet but will update this page once I do

That's the beginning of September, we have a few more things planned later in the month that I'll post about soon.


Here's a video we did recently with Night Train Sessions for an unreleased track called "I'm All Done".



We had a great time with Anngelle Wood on WZLX 101.7 FM's Boston Emissions Summer Sessions this past weekend. Our song "On My Own" was #3 on the Boston Emissions countdown. You can vote by clicking on this link to keep it in the top 3.

We have a couple of weeks off from gigs and then a jam packed September. Info on the September gigs are on the right hand side of this page. 

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For the Sake of the Song

Blue, Congress Street, Portland, ME

Inspired by the late, great Townes Van Zant, songwriters come together for this monthly showcase to enjoy each other's music. The rest of us are just there to listen, have all the feels, and applaud when appropriate. Artists will bring a mix of Americana music featuring bluegrass, folk, classic country, and blues sometimes tinged with the punk and metal backgrounds of some of the performers. Loosely grouped under what's come to be known as Americana music, the common thread to these performances is original songwriting and storytelling. There will normally be two full sets by a mix of local and touring acts, as well as individual performances before, between and maybe after the two headlining acts. These will often be new, recently written songs by engaging songwriters putting their heart into the moment.