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December 2022 Update 


By the end of December, I'll have performed about 180 concerts in 2022. I probably have never done more than a hundred concerts in a year previously. It's been a wild experience and something I'll always remember. I thank you for being a part of it. One of the things about being an independent musician, is the never-ending uncertainty from gig to gig. A month doesn't go by where I don't play a concert in a basement for only a handful of people and question what I'm doing. However, there have been many, many wonderful concerts and audiences mixed in and I feel incredibly fortunate to do this thing I do. So thank you! 

November was a fun month. I played at City Winery in Boston, a beautiful listening room with an incredible sound system. It was definitely a highlight show. I'm not very busy in December. On December 14th, I'll pick out my nicest denim shirt and attend the Boston Music Awards as a 2022 "Country Music Artist" nominee. That should be fun. 


Thanks to Global Texan Chronicles for naming my song "Gently Used" one of their best songs of 2022. You read the write-up about it at

Worcester Magazine also named by album "Gently Used" of the best albums of 2022. You read more about that at

I'll also be doing a couple of non-Highwaymen gigs that I'm excited about. 

Friday, December 9th I'll be opening for Nashville's excellent Florence Dore and her band at Askew in Providence. More info on that at this link

Saturday, December 10th I'll perform in my hometown of Foxboro, MA at the Orpheum Theater as part of their Jingle Bell Band Bash. More info on that at this link

I head to Times Square in NYC on Friday, January 13th to do the Highwaymen at a cabaret there called Green Room 42. If you live in the NYC area or know someone that might be interested in attending, please let them know. I'm hopeful that I will get a good turnout. It's my first time in NYC since the pandemic and first time doing the Highwaymen there. For more info, visit this link

This video is of a song written by Leon Russell called "A Song for You". I've always loved Willie's version of it at the end of the Shotgun Willie album. I hope you enjoy my version of it. 


If you'd like to purchase a book or CD as a Christmas gift for someone, the book can be purchased at this link. If you'd like a CD (or both), you can email me and I can mail them out as well. The CD isn't available for purchase online unfortunately. You can listen/purchase MP3s of the album at 

Thanks again for your support and Happy Holidays! 

Matt York

November 2022 Update 




Hello folks - First off, if you're looking for info on the Songs & Stories of The Highwaymen or Johnny Cash, the best place to find that info is

A few updates to report. 

Had a busy October that took me to some beautiful spots across Massachusetts. I also ventured down south to Tennessee and performed in Nashville, Maryville and Knoxville. I really enjoyed my time down there. We had over 150 people show up at an indoor concert at the library in Maryville, which was amazing. I also had the opportunity to perform on the WDVX Blue Plate Radio Special in Knoxville, which has been hosting live country music artists for twenty-five years. Many of my country music heroes have performed there at one point or another, so it was a fun experience. Earlier in October, I traveled to Hampden, MA and performed for a great audience. The librarian in that town was kind enough to choose my book as the Book of the Month for their book club. I got to meet some people that read the book and they even auctioned off a basket of Highwaymen-related gifts. It was awesome. 

My schedule will be slowing down a bit in November/December, but I have some concerts I'm really looking forward to coming up. 

City Winery is one of the premiere live music venues in Boston (about a five minute walk from the North End). They also have locations in a few other cities across the U.S.  On Sunday, November 20th, I'll be performing at the Boston location for a late matinee concert at 5pm. I'm really trying to get folks out to this one, so if you're able to come, please do so. Tickets are only $15 and can be purchased at this link

I recently got word that I was nominated for a Boston Music Award as "Best Country Artist". That's pretty cool. I've been nominated and also won some different music awards through the years and it's a weird thing to be honest. I think with art, you like what you like. It's not sports where there's often an MVP. Nonetheless, I'm appreciative for being nominated and if you want to vote for me, you can do so at 

This video (click on image below) was shot during a live radio performance I did at WDVX's Blue Plate Special in Knoxville, Tennessee last week. 


I'll be traveling to NYC to perform at a cabaret in Times Square called Green Room 42. I haven't performed in NYC since the pandemic and this will be my first time doing The Highwaymen thing there. If you know someone that might be interested in attending, it's taking place on Friday, January 13th, 2023 and more info can be found at




October Update 

Hi folks, 

I'm really excited to bring The Highwaymen - Songs & Stories to Nashville. I'll be performing it on October 24th at 7pm at Vinyl Tap (which is a combination of a record store, bar and live music venue...the world needs more places like Vinyl Tap). If you know anyone in the Nashville area that might be interested, please let them know. 

In November, I'm bringing this to City Winery in downtown Boston. It's a five-minute walk to the North End, it's a Sunday afternoon matinee that begins at 5pm. I'm working really hard to get folks to attend this one. It'll be a different thing than what you've seen in the past. I'll be having some special guests perform some songs with me. Tickets are only $15 in advance and can be purchased at this link. 

Here's a video of me performing the great Willie Nelson song "Sad Songs & Waltzes". I'm going to try and record a different song each month if you have a song you'd like to hear, let me know. Also, be sure to click subscribe on my YouTube channel to see future videos. Click below

The Worcester Telegram had a really great write-up of my new album Gently Used. To read the article, click here. 

In September, I performed a song by Luke Bell called "Sometimes" at some gigs and talked about him passing away recently. He was only 32 years old and was wildly talented. I've received some emails from people asking me about him/the song. This is him performing it if you're interested in watching click below



October 1st (Sat.) Oktober Fest in Douglas MA 9:00 to 10:30 (morning) 

October 6th (Thurs) at Lawrence Library 6:30 pm 

October 8th (Saturday) Norfolk Library 1pm 

October 9th (Sunday) Cider Orchard New Salem, MA 2-4 

October 15th (Sat) at Hampden Library at 12pm 

October 16th Gardner Ale House 5pm 

October 20th (Thurs) The Porch in Medford, MA 

October 24th (Monday) Vinyl Tap Nashville 7pm 

October 26th Blount County Library, Knoxville, TN 7pm 

October 27th Blue Plate Special Radio Show 12pm CST Knoxville, TN


If you'd like to purchase a copy of my book about The Highwaymen, you can do so at this link

If you're on Facebook, please consider following me at 

Thanks for your support and thanks for reading! 

Matt York

September Update 


It's been a busy August and that continues to September. I'm overwhelmingly doing just Highwaymen gigs right now but that will change in the months ahead. A couple of non-Highwaymen gigs are on Sept. 17th at Off the Rails in Worcester and Sept 19th at Levitate in Marshfield. 

Earlier this month, the Boston Globe wrote a nice profile of me and this music thing I do. You can read it here if you'd like. This month I traveled all over the state and particularly enjoyed my time playing in some really small towns out west including Middiefield, Mt. Washington, MA and Leyden.  

Here's Willie Nelson's "It's Not Supposed to Be That Way" 







Live at the Middlefield Fair, August, 2022 

It's still a while away, but I'm excited that I'll be bringing The Highwaymen - Songs & Stories to City Winery in downtown Boston on Sunday, November 20th. It'll be an early show (5pm). I'll be having some special guests perform with me and we're hoping that we'll have some video clips of The Highwaymen projected behind me while I perform. Tickets for that will go on sale this Friday at I'll also be traveling down to TN in October to bring it there to Nashville and Knoxville.  

September promises to be busy and there are dates listed below. As the weather changes, my schedule will ease up a bit. If you know of a place that might make sense for me to perform, please don't hesitate to email me ( This started out through word of mouth and I'll have more scheduled flexibility over the winter. Thanks for your support of my music. I truly appreciate it.  

September Dates:  

Sept. 5th  (Mon) Anna’s Harborside 7-10  

Sept. 7th (Wed) library in Middleton, MA  5:30  

September 8th (Thurs.) Templeton Senior Center 1pm  

September 8th (Thurs) Fitchburg Library 6:30  

Sept 9th (Fri.)  Milton COA 11:30 am  - 1pm  

September 10th (Sat.) Pelham Library outdoors 12pm  

Sept 14th (Wed.)  Tyngsborough Library 6:30  

September 15th (Thurs) Concord COA 2pm  

Sept. 15th (Thurs.) Medway Library 6:30  

September 17th (Sat) Hubbardston Library noon.  

Sept. 17th (Sat.) Off the Rails 5:30 - 8:30  

Sept. 18th (Sun) Barre Library 3pm  

September (Mon) 19th Levitate in Marshfield 5pm  

September 20th (Tues) Hanson Library at 6:30 pm  

Sept. 22nd (Thurs) Canton COA 2pm  

September 25th (Sun) Rowe Pelham Lake Park 4pm  

Sept. 26th (Mon) Russell Senior Center Time 1pm  

September (Mon) 26th Agawam Library 6:30pm  

September 28th (Wed) Chicopee Senior Center 1pm  

Sept. 28th (Wed) Springfield Forest Park Library 5:30

August Update 

If you've noticed I've been posting stuff about the Highwaymen and aren't really clear that that's all about, I had an opportunity to speak w/ the Boston Globe about it. You can read the article at this link.


I've received some really great press and radio airplay for my new album Gently Used. Below are some reviews.I did a  full band show (with my wife on bass) at Heritage Days in Scituate this past Saturday. I haven't done a full band gig since before COVID and I've always enjoyed attending Heritage Days, so it was cool to be a part is the wrong word though, because it was about seven million degrees onstage. Nonetheless, this picture above of me singing with my daughters was worth the heat stroke. 

I'll also be doing solo gigs at Levitate Backyard in Marshfield on Friday, August 12nd and at Bridgewater Music Alley on Thursday, August 25th. If you'd like info on Highwaymen gigs, please visit I'll be doing a slew of Highwaymen gigs in August. 

Recent praise for Gently Used:


York calls in some Nashville players (contributing remotely during the pandemic), including Joshua Hedley on fiddle and Spencer Cullum, Jr. on pedal steel. “If You Want Love”, in particular, benefits from their contributions. But make no mistake, it’s York and his songs that are the stars here. 

And no matter if you’re already a fan of York’s open book songwriting or you’re new to his journey, you’ll find tracks like the sawdust floor swing of opener “If You Want Love”, the Kris Kristofferson vibes of “Let’s Try Failure” or Ray Wylie Hubbard-style of the title track “Gently Used” all to your liking. But these songs are just a small example of the authenticity throughout this 11-track LP worth getting into. 

Americana UK 

“simply beautiful with its generous sentiment and stunning guitar & piano duet ‘Gently Used‘ could well be York’s breakthrough song” 

Bill Copeland Music News 

Matt York continues to release these larger than life Americana roots albums, expressions of high emotions, beautifully rendered by tasteful use of voice and instruments. Gently Used, York’s best yet, flies high because he gives each song a freewheeling, unwieldy sense of joy and largeness. Produced by Thomas Wenzi at Bitch Kitty Studios in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, listeners will find these songs irresistible to their ears and to their souls. 

The Amp 

York has a style of his own, blending elements of country, folk, and rock’n’roll. Spinning one track to the next, you’ll find a delightful listening experience in what York and his dynamite team of players have crafted.  

Glide Magazine 

 Gently Used bears all the hallmarks of masters at work — a timeless Americana listening experience crafted at the crossroads of York’s songcraft and his ace studio band lending their own flourishes. 

Route 66 (Barcelona, Spain) 

Gently Used» o «Baby Doll» vamos a darnos cuenta de que todo no es una fiesta country rock, sino que el tipo es capaz de manejar diversos sonidos. De ahí el apunte del Herald a Westerberg, que quizá se aparece ligeramente en temas como «Up And Dow» o «Know You Love Me» igual que Adam Duritz en «Word On The Street» o «The Perfect Crime». En cualquier caso, que desde su independencia nos siga dando aleghrías como esta, ya es muy destacable. 















July 2022 Update 

Hello all,


If you are looking for information on the The Highwaymen - Songs & Stories Project, click here

Excited to announce my new album "Gently Used" is now out. You can listen to it on all streaming services by clicking here

My lifelong friend (and Boston rock n roll legend) Rick Berlin produced three videos for my new album. I love all of them. This one is my favorite. I wrote the song " Baby Doll" during the beginning of the pandemic. At that time, a lot of non-violent offenders were being released from prison to try and limit the spread of COVID. The song is about someone that gets out but has no place to go. He just goes around trying to meet a woman that will let him stay with her. You can watch the video by clicking below. It doesn't get much more Boston than this.


I'm doing a slew of Highwaymen gigs the next two months (not sure what this is? Click here) but am looking forward to opening up for the always excellent Christine Ohlman at The Music Room in Yarmouth, MA on July 9th. Advance tickets for that can be found at

Thanks for stopping by and have a great summer!



May, 2022 Update 


If you're looking for Highwaymen info, I've got a boatload of gigs coming up that can be found over on

The video for my new single "If You Want Love" is out now. The video was made by my lifelong friend Rick Berlin. The track features Tim Dinneen on drums, Taylor Hollingsworth on lead guitar, Joshua Hedley on fiddle and Spencer Cullum Jr. on pedal steel.

I'll be opening for Arlo McKinley on Friday, May 13th at the brand new music room at Off the Rails in Worcester. Doors at 6 and I'm on around 8pm. Advanced tickets can be purchased at

I'll have a third single coming out on May 13th and the full album will be released digitally on June 3rd. 

Thanks for stopping by!




Spring update 

If you're looking for Highwaymen information, please visit

My new single is out today (April 1st) everywhere that music is streamed. You can listen to it here

Glide Magazine premiered the song and video earlier this week, saying "Matt York sounds like he could be a regular at Billy Bob’s in Texas or any Nashville club". Read their whole review and watch the new video at this link. 

I have a fairly light gig schedule in April because I'm doing a bunch of Highwaymen gigs (find those here)

I'll be heading north to perform in Toronto on April 17th. I'll be at The Communist's Daughter on Dundas Street. Show begins at 5pm. For more info, visit their Facebook page. 

I'll also be at Off the Rails in Worcester on April 14th from 6:30 to 9:30.

I'll also be at Troy City Brewery on April 29th (Friday) in Fall River, which is one of my favorite breweries.

I hope you'll check out the new music and thanks for stopping by.

- Matt


Spring update 

If you're looking for info on The Highwaymen - Songs and Stories, click here.

The first single from my new album will be out on April 1st. The song is called "Gently Used" (which is also the name of the album). There will also be a video released for it. 

I've got a couple of great shows coming up in Rhode Island.

I'll be opening for Christine Ohlman at The Knickerbocker Music Center in Westerly, Rhode Island on Saturday, March 26th. 

On Sunday, March 27th, I'll be opening up for Ordinary Elephant as Askew in Providence. For more info visit 


February Update 

Hi folks,

I had some really great shows in January and I thank you all for your support. If you've stopped by to find out more info on The Highwaymen - Songs and Stories, I now a website dedicated to that which you can view at

There's a bunch of show coming up. For more info on those, please visit my Shows page.

I had an opportunity to interview and perform on 95.9 WATD's Almost Famous this week. I performed six songs, talked about the music life and what's ahead in 2022. John Shea, who is the host of Almost Famous, does a great job of recording these. It's about 48 minutes long and one of my daughters joins me for a song. If you'd like to listen, click the link below. The YouTube link shows me performing one of the songs. 

Almost Famous w/ Matt York


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