Texas/Louisiana dates canceled

Due to the COVID-19 virus, I’ll not be traveling to Texas and Louisiana for my shows next week. It’s a really disappointing thing to write. I had a great time down there last year and was really looking forward to returning. I’ll hopefully be doing my Rhode Island and Massachusetts dates in late March and April. However, obviously things are very much in flux for all of us. 

One thing I want to mention. Is that there are a boatload of independent musicians that are going to be struggling here in the coming months. An awful lot of musicians I perform with, make very little money, have no safety net/day job and are facing an uncertain spring. If there’s a band/songwriter you love, and you’re in a position to help, go to their website and buy an album or a t-shirt or twenty t-shirts. Anything will help them. Don’t worry about me. I still have to work a day job. Be safe everyone!

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