Atwood's this Saturday

Hi everybody, 

I"m back at Atwoods Tavern this Saturday, May 14th from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. in Cambridge. This a full-band gig and should be great. Sparrow Blue are opening the show. Their fiddle player Katy played on my album and will also be joining me during my set as well. I don't have another full band gig lined up in the Boston/Cambridge area for a while, so I would love to see some of you out. Those with kids are welcome to bring them, they have great food at Atwoods. For more info on the show, visit (if you are on Facebook) or

Also, WZLX's Boston Emissions has been playing my new single "Hot Shot". It was Number 3 on this week's poll. To keep in the top three, please take ten seconds and vote at You can also download the song for free at

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