August Update

If you've noticed I've been posting stuff about the Highwaymen and aren't really clear that that's all about, I had an opportunity to speak w/ the Boston Globe about it. You can read the article at this link.


I've received some really great press and radio airplay for my new album Gently Used. Below are some reviews.I did a  full band show (with my wife on bass) at Heritage Days in Scituate this past Saturday. I haven't done a full band gig since before COVID and I've always enjoyed attending Heritage Days, so it was cool to be a part is the wrong word though, because it was about seven million degrees onstage. Nonetheless, this picture above of me singing with my daughters was worth the heat stroke. 

I'll also be doing solo gigs at Levitate Backyard in Marshfield on Friday, August 12nd and at Bridgewater Music Alley on Thursday, August 25th. If you'd like info on Highwaymen gigs, please visit I'll be doing a slew of Highwaymen gigs in August. 

Recent praise for Gently Used:


York calls in some Nashville players (contributing remotely during the pandemic), including Joshua Hedley on fiddle and Spencer Cullum, Jr. on pedal steel. “If You Want Love”, in particular, benefits from their contributions. But make no mistake, it’s York and his songs that are the stars here. 

And no matter if you’re already a fan of York’s open book songwriting or you’re new to his journey, you’ll find tracks like the sawdust floor swing of opener “If You Want Love”, the Kris Kristofferson vibes of “Let’s Try Failure” or Ray Wylie Hubbard-style of the title track “Gently Used” all to your liking. But these songs are just a small example of the authenticity throughout this 11-track LP worth getting into. 

Americana UK 

“simply beautiful with its generous sentiment and stunning guitar & piano duet ‘Gently Used‘ could well be York’s breakthrough song” 

Bill Copeland Music News 

Matt York continues to release these larger than life Americana roots albums, expressions of high emotions, beautifully rendered by tasteful use of voice and instruments. Gently Used, York’s best yet, flies high because he gives each song a freewheeling, unwieldy sense of joy and largeness. Produced by Thomas Wenzi at Bitch Kitty Studios in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, listeners will find these songs irresistible to their ears and to their souls. 

The Amp 

York has a style of his own, blending elements of country, folk, and rock’n’roll. Spinning one track to the next, you’ll find a delightful listening experience in what York and his dynamite team of players have crafted.  

Glide Magazine 

 Gently Used bears all the hallmarks of masters at work — a timeless Americana listening experience crafted at the crossroads of York’s songcraft and his ace studio band lending their own flourishes. 

Route 66 (Barcelona, Spain) 

Gently Used» o «Baby Doll» vamos a darnos cuenta de que todo no es una fiesta country rock, sino que el tipo es capaz de manejar diversos sonidos. De ahí el apunte del Herald a Westerberg, que quizá se aparece ligeramente en temas como «Up And Dow» o «Know You Love Me» igual que Adam Duritz en «Word On The Street» o «The Perfect Crime». En cualquier caso, que desde su independencia nos siga dando aleghrías como esta, ya es muy destacable. 















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